START Clinic has now moved to the coolest gym in St Andrews. FFSA (Functional Fitness St Andrews) has just opened it's doors for new members.


At this location there is a large open gym area with treadmills, bikes, rowing machines, weights and pulleys so we can work on anything from your vertical jump height to wrist flexion range of movement.


For more details on memberships please visit


There is also a satellite clinic at the Macdonald Rusacks Hotel. Treatment sessions are by appointment only so please  contact 07900 555 005 to arrange.

We understand that rounds don't finish until 9 or 10pm some evenings, so ask and we will see what is possible.



Macdonald Rusacks Hotel. Just down from the 18th green on the Old Course. Can't get a better location than that!

Running the marathon? START can help.

Running the Edinburgh or London Marathon is a pretty daunting task for most athletes. Once training enters the stage where you are running over 30 miles in a week, you have about an 80% chance of getting an injury. This can be due to poor technique, tight muscles, weka gluteal muscles or just not enough recovery.

Nutrition is extremely important in the recovery process as is being able to identify the factors that lead up to an injury. If you or someone you know is increasing their training in the next couple of weeks, keep an eye out for aches that last longer than one day or feeling run down. Consult your physio as soon as possible.

Expert Skills

All of our therapeutic treatments have a single objective: to provide you with tailor-made solutions for your health and wellbeing. A well-qualified team of highly experiened professionals, regular additional training and unique expertise in modern treatment methods are all part of our service.


If one of our therapists is unable to diagnose the main problem, we are able to call upon the services of Dr. Bob Robertson to come and give a second opinion. His experience in general practice as well as being the club doctor at Dunfermline Athletic for over 12 years is invaluable.

START has a working relationship with most of the GP's in St Andrews and Cupar practices and can liase directly with them if further investigation is required.


START is a recognised Physiotherapy provider for the following companies:


AVIVA, AXA/PPP, IPRS, Rehabworks, Body Care Clinics, Cigna, Allianz, PRU Health and Simply Health.





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